Info for Parents



We appreciate our parent volunteers! Please complete this short form before volunteering at MHS. 

Join our PTSO

Our PTSO is an active partnership between our school and community members. From providing staff recognition and rewards, to fundraising, to advocating for our students our PTSO provides invaluable support.

Anyone interested in helping to serve should consider joining the MHS PTSO. Anyone can be a member and it is free! Please provide your name, email address, child’s grade, and area of interest to or Mr. Brown at


If every family donates $5, the PTSO will have enough funds to cover our entire year of activities. Please complete this donation form.

You can also make your donation using the Online School Payment system. Click on "PTO" from the left-hand menu and select "MHS PTO"


Register your Food Lion (School Code 213744 ) and Harris Teeter (School Code 6310) cards to support the PTSO! These cards need to be re-linked every year.

Volunteer Opportunities for parents

Help us with College Application Week
Help students complete college applications during our annual College Application Week in November. Many colleges waive application fees during this week. 
Contact: Allyson Morris,

Be a Capstone Project Judge
Be on a panel of community members to judge the presentations done by our seniors in order to graduate. You do not need to have a student at the school to volunteer for this! Presentations are held on an afternoon in January and May, from 3-5 p.m. and you are required to attend a training session if you've not served previously.
Contact: Colleen Kennedy,

Be a Test Proctor
Help administer end-of-course and final exams in January and June.
Contact: Dr. Meredith Bost ( 

Be a Tutor
Do you have an academic strength that you would like to share with high school students? Email your name, contact information, and the subject in which you're willing to help to the MHS Counseling Department and we will add you to our list of tutors!
Contact: Allyson Morris,

Join the Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO)
The PTSO works with the school and administrators to fulfill various needs at the school, such as staff appreciation events.
Contact: Lisa Burleyson

Assist the Band Boosters
The Band Boosters support the Pride in Motion band at home, away and competition events as well as with fundraising.
Contact: Melissa Stahlman

Assist the Athletic Boosters
The Athletic Boosters support all sports teams at MHS.
Contact: JJ Morris,

Be a Substitute teacher
If you a certified teacher or are willing to serve as a substitute teacher, we may be able to use you in the classroom.
Contact: Central Office at (704) 658-2530

Donate School Supplies
MHS tries to keep extra notebooks, pencils, book bags, notebook paper, dividers, and other school supplies on hand for students in need. Bring supplies to the Main Office any time during the school year.
Contact: Amy Wilson at (704) 658-2580

Host a Student at your Business
Some of our students must complete internships, apprenticeships and/or work-based hours in order to learn work-skills and graduate. Consider hosting a student for the semester at your business.
Contact: Jenny Hall,

Be a Capstone Project Mentor
As our students complete their Capstone Project, they will need to work with experts in their fields of study. A student will work with a mentor approximately 15 hours as they learn about the field and complete journals, photos and a final product. If you are willing to mentor a senior, please let MHS know!
Contact: Erika Akelman,

Recruit Student Volunteers for your Organization
If you are a member of a community organization that could use new members or student volunteers, we will help spread the word to our students. Send the name of your organization to the MHS Counseling Department and we’ll add you to our list of volunteer opportunities for students!
Contact: Allyson Morris,

Sponsor or Create a Club
If you are interested in helping to sponsor a club that already exists, or start a new club on campus, we welcome your expertise!
Contact: Allyson Morris,

Participate in Workforce Development
Work-based learning (WBL) is an educational opportunity that provides students with real-life work experiences where they can apply academic and technical skills and develop employability skills. The concept of work-based learning has been an integral part of the Career and Technical Education system. Work-based learning experiences occur in a work setting, typically at an employer's worksite. The work-based learning activities are coordinated with school-based activities in an attempt to show students the "why" of what they are learning. Work-based learning strategies provide career awareness, career exploration opportunities, career planning activities, and help students reach competencies such as positive work attitudes and employability skills.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor through an internship or apprenticeship, contact Kevin Wilson, Career Development Coordinator, or 704-658-2507.