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Mooresville High School has a wide variety of clubs and activities available for students. Whether you're looking to help others or add activities to your college applications, MHS has a club for you. Students can also find about information about clubs in Learn.

Each September, students participate in "Club Rush" to learn more about the different organizations. For more information about a club, please contact the advisor.  

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info for seniors 

Senior Year is an exciting time full of fun experiences. Please review the information below carefully, as well as the NC and MGSD Graduation Requirements, to ensure you don't miss out on any of the fun! Also be sure to touch base with college advisor. He can help you apply for financial aid, select your colleges to apply to, and help you plan for life after MHS!

Order Your Stuff for Graduation!
Mooresville High School will order their graduation materials (cap, gown, and diploma cover) from Southern Recognition. Everyone must order a cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover from the Southern Recognition representative in order to participate in the graduation ceremony in June or through the website Any other items offered for sale are optional. You may want to purchase announcements and name cards to send to relatives and friends. Mooresville High School will purchase your diploma.
Graduation dress code

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* Student Code of Conduct
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the MGSD Student Code of Conduct / Codigo de Conducta Estudeantil


* Attendance Recovery Information 
(Attendance Recovery applies to a non-virtual setting)

A student with more than 6 absences in a class, is at risk of failing that class, even with a passing grade.  Students with more than 6 absences will be required to make up the excess absences by attending tutoring, after-school attendance recovery or Saturday School attendance recovery. Attendance recovery appeals will only be offered for extenuating circumstances by invitation only. Attendance Recovery sessions are offered on pre-determined dates and times.  Spaces are limited, so be sure to sign-up in advance. In order to be admitted to the Attendance Recovery session, students must have school work.  Students are not permitted to use their cell phones or to use their laptop for non-instructional purposes during this time.  Failure to follow the expectations of the Attendance Recovery session will lead to the students' dismissal from the session, and possibly future sessions.

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Davidson Tutoring
(We hope to resume Davidson tutoring once school reopens)

This excellent program pairs a Davidson student with an MHS student and provides free tutoring and academic assistance for any subject taught here at MHS. This service is provided by a group of Davidson College students who volunteer. Tutoring takes place in the Magnolia Staff Development Room and will begin when Davidson students return for the Fall semester.
This service is for any students who are struggling, looking for help with homework, or simply want to get ahead in their studies. There is no charge or formal registration process, but interested students are encouraged to let Mr. Shinn know they are coming so appropriate tutors numbers and subjects are available. This is especially important for advanced subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, and foreign languages.

Teacher Tutoring
Our teachers offer individualized tutoring on various schedules before and after school. Please contact your teacher to set up an appropriate time. In addition, many teachers have lists of peer tutors who are available to help students outside of school hours.

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